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Terror in the Woods

They went to discover the great outdoors, but something discovered them first. "Terror in the Woods" features real stories of people who embarked on a wilderness adventure only to be scared out of the woods by unexplained phenomena.

Genre: Documentary , Mystery

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Terror in the Woods
"While traveling for a friend's wedding, James & Weste begrudgingly accept an offer to stay in an abandoned cabin in the woods. A night of terror ensues, with paranormal encounters lasting through the night."
"A fishing trip changed David's life forever when he & his grandfather found themselves under attack by an unknown creature. Then, Zac & Lesla come across a cave in the woods and decide to head into the darkness where they encounter a violent entity."
"Reports of Bigfoot in Ohio prompt two friends to go into the woods and investigate the claims. As they travel deeper into the forest, they hear strange howls. Suddenly, the sounds start to multiply and the hunters realize they are being hunted."
"A couple buys a vacation home but the cabin of their dreams soon becomes the stuff of nightmares. Meanwhile, sisters get more than they bargained for when they take photos in a graveyard. Then, friends spend a terrifying night in a haunted cabin."
"David and Lisa are camping in North Carolina when they hear a strange noise. Their investigation brings them face to face with a paranormal predator. Then, Davey and his friends come across evidence of a satanic ritual in the woods near their campus."
"Rodney's camping trip in Kentucky turns life threatening as he and his fellow campers are tormented through the night by a Bigfoot creature. Then, a group of friends access a catacomb in Georgia where they perform a s\u00e9ance that goes terribly wrong."
"Three sisters get more than they bargained for when they decide to take photos in a graveyard at night. Then, a young family's day hike turns into a nightmare when they are terrorized by an unknown creature in the woods."
"While exploring an abandoned hospital in Ohio, Amy encounters an uneasy presence in a cell and quickly flees from the building. Little does she know, the entity has latched onto her and stalks her to the woods surrounding her home."
"Bill and Charisse purchase a little cabin in the middle of a national forest. But their idyllic retirement home quickly turns into their worst nightmare as Bill and Charisse are tormented by a paranormal spirit that once called their cabin home."