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Surviving R. Kelly

A six-part series about the controversial R&B star R. Kelly which features several women making allegations of abuse by him.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: R. Kelly , Sparkle

Country: USA

Duration: 360 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Surviving R. Kelly
"As R. Kelly rises to fame and power as an R&B icon, he forms relationships with younger singers and dancers. Rumors about his marriage to a 15 year old Aaliyah do little to stop his meteoric trajectory."
"After his marriage to Aaliyah is annulled, R. Kelly continues to soar on top of the charts. A talented choreographer becomes the new Mrs. Kelly in a secret ceremony."
"As journalists uncover a trail of lawsuits and confidential settlements concerning underage girls, an underground sex tape emerges that puts R. Kelly in a compromising position."
"R, Kelly goes to trial in Chicago on multiple accounts of child pornography for his alleged participation in a sex tape involving a minor."
05 Jan 2019
"Parents of girls in R.Kelly's camp accuse him of keeping them psychologically and sexually imprisoned. One mother fights to get her daughter back - and wins."
05 Jan 2019
"As other major public figures fall from grace, women's groups come forward to take aim against the sexually brazen superstar."