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Packed to the Rafters

Centres around Dave and Julie Rafter and their three children Rachel, Ben and Nathan. On the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the couple thinks that they are finally about to ...

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2008

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Packed to the Rafters
"Last week saw a huge surprise bestowed on Dave and Julie. With three grown up kids, and the youngest being born 21 years ago, just how will Dave and Julie cope? What with the nappies, school runs and the lack of sleep and time; let alone the actual delivery? Dave and Julie have some serious life changing decisions to make, that not only have ramifications for themselves as individuals and a couple, but may shake the very foundation of the family."
Season 2 - Packed to the Rafters
"Julie faces her greatest challenge yet \u2013 the birth of her fourth and final child without husband Dave at her side.\n\nAfter Dave leaves for his vasectomy, Julie begins to have contractions, and though she thinks they\u2019re probably Braxton Hicks, Melissa and Ben insist on getting her to a hospital. \n\nOnce in hospital, Julie\u2019s obstetrician Sandra Marsh observes that the signs of labour have disappeared \u2013 but now that Julie is in hospital, she\u2019s not allowed to leave until she gives birth. Julie reluctantly gives in \u2013 and tells Ben not to worry Dave as he will undoubtedly call them once his procedure is over. \n\nHowever Julie\u2019s labour pains start up again \u2013 this time for real. Ben leaves frantic voice messages for Dave, realising they don\u2019t know the name of the clinic where his vasectomy is taking place. Will Dave make it to the hospital in time?\n\nMeanwhile, Jake invites her to lunch with his family \u2013 at his mother\u2019s Grace\u2019s insistence. When Rachel expresses surprise, Jake admits that he has told Grace that she is going to be in his life long term. Rachel is taken aback \u2013 what kind of commitment is Jake talking about? However, the family lunch takes a dark turn when Jake begins to fit, collapsing on the floor.\n\nMeanwhile, Nathan surprises Sammy with a cheque for $14,000. He took some spare chips back to the casino and won \u2013 enough for them to pay off the remainder of their debt and put down bond on an apartment. They\u2019re finally able to move out of the Rafter house. Despite their good fortune, Nathan can\u2019t help but think what he and Sammy could do if they had more money \u2013 maybe even put down a deposit on a place. So instead of taking the cheque to the bank\u2026Nathan heads back to the casino. Will he come up trumps or lose the lot?"
Season 3 - Packed to the Rafters
"With Christmas and Ruby's first birthday fast approaching, the Rafter family struggle to get back on track.\n\nDave is struggling with his own demons. Julie gently convinces him to give therapy another try. Finally able to find the words his therapist's been pushing for, it seems that Dave might finally be starting to address some of his issues.\n\nAnd then when the whole family gathers for Ruby's first birthday and she takes a first tentative step, it seems all could be coming right in the Rafter world.\n\nJulie discovers that Coby's apprenticeship papers have arrived. In the spirit of moving on, the Rafters feel that life is too short to hold grudges.\n\nDave speaks to Coby, who promises never to let them down again and Dave renews his offer of an apprenticeship to a grateful nephew."
Season 4 - Packed to the Rafters
"Ben and Emma are both nervously looking forward to their first date. When Carbo and Retta return from the honeymoon from hell, Ben and Emma head out to a restaurant and enjoy a perfect evening."
Season 6 - Packed to the Rafters