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Home Improvement

The daily trials and tribulations of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, a television show host raising three mischievous boys with help from his loyal co-host, loving wife, and eccentric neighbor.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Carmen Finestra , David McFadzean

Country: USA

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1991

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Home Improvement
"After Jill explicitly tells Tim not to touch the dishwasher, he breaks it in an attempt to make it more powerful; more of a \"man's\" dishwasher. Jill has a job interview, but she doesn't get it and when Tim tries to comfort her, he only makes matters worse. After talking to Wilson, Tim tries again and succeeds."
"After breaking one of Tim's tools that has been in the family for twenty years, Mark fears that he will be traded in after Brad and Randy make up a story about \"\"Peter\"\", their former brother that was traded in after he broke one of Tim's flashlights."
"When she can't find a babysitter, Jill has a magician watch the kids while she and Tim go on their romantic dinner. However, Tim is too distracted by a football game to pay attention to her. Meanwhile, the kids accidentally lock the magician in a trunk."
"Tim becomes green with envy while putting up a new satellite dish on the roof when Jill's teacher visits."
"While working in the basement, Tim hears some strange noises. Is it a mouse or is it a creepy crawly snake?"
"Tim bets Jill that he can teach the boys some table manners."
"After Jill drove while her oil light was on, Tim shares this with the Tool Time audience and the other guys say their wives don't respect their tools."
"The K&B Construction guys are invited on Tool Time to show how to make hot gourmet meals while on the job site. They use the tools of their trade to make meals anyone would be proud of. At home, Jill is fed up with Brad and Randy excluding Mark from their games so she has a talk with them. Brad and Randy tell Mark that they, along with Tim and Jill, are aliens from outer space. But Mark gets his own back when Tim and Jill dress up as aliens and scare Brad and Randy."
"Tim decides to put in another sink in the bathroom so his shaving junk won't be in Jill's way, but the project takes longer than he expects."
"Tim decides to do a Tool Time special for women to teach plumbing. After being called an idiot by Randy, Brad worries that he will do bad on a test. Tim starts his hotrod."
"Jill gets stage fright when she has to deliver a speech in front of women at the Library Association. Tim and Mark dress up as women to help her get over her fear."
"Tim competes in the neighborhood Christmas light competition. Mark writes his Christmas list to Santa, but Brad and Randy tell him Santa is dead."
"Tim and Jill have a bowling match against eachother and try no to make it competitive, until the K&B Construction guys show up. The boys get in trouble at an arcade."
"Jill doesn't want Stu Cutler, Tim's old college friend, in the house. So Tim tries to keep him away but when he gives in and Stu comes to the house, he insults Tim and Jill and belches with the boys."
"Karen visits and Tim must stand up to her. Jennifer invites Brad to her parents' anniversary, so Jill teaches him how to dance."
"Tim gets Jill a lifetime membership to a health care club, until she says she willl never excercise again. Brad and Randy spend all of their money on a baseball card, so they make Mark give them a \"\"brother tax\"\" to get Jill a present."
"Tim cheats to beat Tool Time guest Bob Vila at a trivia game. Randy pulls a prank on Curtis, a geek at school."
"Mr. Binford ruins Tim and Jill's romantically planned weekend by making them go camping to present Binford's new line of winter camping gear."
"Tim gets bad luck after throwing a chain letter from Al out. Randy wrecks his new bike after being dared to do a trick."
"Jill tells Tim that he is a bad listener when he doesn't remember her mentioning the opera fundraiser. Brad and Randy try to get Mark to eat a worm while working on a birdhouse."
"Tim accidentally breaks one of Jill's pottery projects when she leaves it in the garage. Tim lets Al host Tool Time for a day after blaming him for one of his mistakes."
"Al and Robin, Jill's sister, ruin Tim's poker night."
"Al tries to ask Greta Post out, but when he does he screws up. After Jill finds her old diary, Tim wants to read it. Tim notices that Brad acts different around Jennifer."
"Tim and Jill have a fight over the volume of the stereo, until the speaker blows."
Season 2 - Home Improvement
"Jill has planned a romantic surprise dinner for Tim, who is at Big Mike's with Al and the guys from K&B Construction. He phones home and she flirts with him, and he doesn't notice and comes home two hours late. Jill is upset and accuses him of not picking up all the signals she sends. Tim thinks that signals should be clear and dresses up as Fred the phone repairman so he can fix the problem. Brad is wondering whether Jennifer pounding him is a sign that she wants to kiss him."
"Tim still lets Brad off the hook and go to the planned truck rally after he pulls a prank at school, until he throws rocks at a greenhouse."
"Jill and Karen thinks that Tim will look at a woman in a restaurant, after he checks out a woman on Tool Time. Randy has trouble playing football."
"Tim pulls a groin muscle when trying to impress Jill by carrying a big trunk of books. Randy plays Peter Pan in the school play, but the school doesn't have the necessary machine for him to fly."
"When Tim throws a party to celebrate putting in the hot rod's engine, Jill decides to hook her friend Karen up with one of the guys coming to the party and ends up ruining Tim's day with a barbeque. Meanwhile, the boys have problems with the McGurn brothers."
"Brad and Jennifer plan to dress like Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy on Halloween, but she shows up dressed like Danny. After Danny bothers Jennifer and Jill, Tim scares him."
"Tim stays at Al's when Mark has the Chicken Pox, because Tim has never had it."
"Maureen Binford, the new producer of Tool Time, tries to change everything and Tim doesn't know how to stand up to her when Al, Jill, and Wilson are all busy."
"Jill finds Tim's unfinished wills and he must decide whether to fill them out or not. Mark fears that his father is going to die."
"Dave has Tim tell Karen that they had lunch that day, even though they didn't. The boys have trouble with the McGurn brothers."
"Tim has trouble running the house while Jill is busy. Maureen Binford wants to change the show again with a section called \"\"Bachelor's Corner\"\" featuring Al."
"Brad and Randy start collecting money for charity, but they get in trouble from Jill for spending some of the money they raised. Maureen Binford makes more changes on Tool Time."
"Tim complains about Jill having so many clothes in the closet, so he re-organizes it. Brad is embarassed when Tim hugs him at school."
"Jennifer's fish dies when Brad watches it. Tim and Jill have a fight over who owns what."
"Jill takes a compatability test and learns thay Tim and her are not compatible. Randy has trouble with his ventriloquist act for the talent show."
"Tim gets Jill ballroom dancing lessons for her anniversary present."
"Tim refuses to ask for directions on the way to Shelia's wedding."
"A woodpecker is a pecking pain in the neck for Tim. Brad blames a poor grade on Jennifer who refuses to let him copy her paperwork anymore."
"Hoping to boost Mark's confidence, Tim and Jill put him into a karate class. However, a boy starts bullying Mark, leading to a fight between Jill and the boy's mother!"
"Tim gets two front row seats to the Pistons game from Wilson, but Jill says he must take Mark to the ballet. Brad and Randy try a cigar while Tim is gone."
"Jill's mother, Nana, comes to visit and Tim notices that Jill and Nana don't talk about their problems with eachother."
"Al invites Stacey Lewis, Tim's ex-girlfriend, over to the Taylors' house for dinner."
"Tim helps the boys with Mothers' Day projects for Jill and Randy does an unsuccessful job on a birdhouse."
"While Tim is busy trying to get his hot rod to work, Jill calls a repairman to fix various things around the house."
"Tim puts a piece from a Chinook helicopter in his lawnmower for a race against Bob Vila. Brad and Randy get Mark to eat a tadpole so that he can play with them."
Season 3 - Home Improvement
"Jill's sister Carol is having a baby girl. When they talk about the baby's name and Jill is going through the boys' baby toys, she wishes she could have a baby girl. Tim tells Randy and Brad that Jill always wanted a girl so they tell Mark that Jill wished he had been a girl. This upsets Mark and when Jill wants to bake a cake with him, he doesn't want to. When she finds out the truth, she tells Mark that what Randy and Brad told him isn't true. Tim is also upset because he doesn't want another child. But he feels alright again when Jill tells him that they don't have the time for another child."
"At Al's 35th birthday, he wants a wife and kids, so Jill fixes him up with Ilene Markham. Al finds out that Ilene wants kids too, so he proposes to her on Tool Time. Randy and Brad write a letter to Mark pretending to be Isaiah Thomas, so Tim and Jill tell Mark to get revenge."
"Tim stops telling jokes and screwing up on Tool Time after he installs an intercom and hears Randy call him a screw up. Brad wants to read \"\"David Copperfield\"\" so he can talk to it to Jennifer, but he finds out it's not about the magician and Jennifer breaks up with him."
"Tim has trouble with Joe Morton, his new neighbor, after Joe dents part of his hot rod. Jill becomes good friends with Marie Morton, Joe's wife. Brad signs up for home ec. as his elective to meet girls, but when the other boys in school find out about his plan, it doesn't work out the way he planned."
"Tim is afraid to cry after Mr. Binford, his boss and close friend, passes away."
"It's halloween and as usually Tim is up to his old tricks, however Jill plans a prank of her own. Tim gets flowers from a fan named Rose but soon strange things start happpening. She keeps calling him, Wilson thinks she is obesseed with him, Tim tries to hide but it's no use."
"Tim accidentally blows up a bad picture of Jill for her library fundraising dinner. Meanwhile, Al takes the boys miniature golfing and throws a fit after Brad gets a hole-in-one."
"Wes Davidson, the president of Binford, makes Tim promote a bad tool on Tool Time. Meanwhile, the boys go shopping and find a way to save money."
"The boys buy a remote controlled car with stock bonds from their grandmother."
"On Thanksgiving, for a perfect Christmas card, Tim builds a Christmas Village and has the family wear costumes."
"At their high school reunion, Jill tries to avoid Joanie Graham, her high school friend who stole her boyfriend, and Tim and Jack try to fix the amplifier. Meanwhile, Al watches the boys and Brad's girlfriend Ashley."
"Tim tries to beat Doc Johnson in the neighborhood Christmas light contest, but Randy is leaking information to Doc's granddaughter. Brad wants to go skiing with Tom Wheeler's family on Christmas."
"Randy loses a sled race to Vinnie. But after following Tim's advice of racing Vinnie again with a better sled, Randy sprains his arm. Meanwhile, Brad contemplates stopping his saxophone lessons."
"Al doesn't want to come to dinner with the Taylors after Ilene has a dream about Tim riding on a golden stallion in tight bicycle shorts."
"When Jill is having Ilene and Marie over, Tim goes fishing with Al to get out of the house."
"Jill feels bad when her father, the army colonel, asks her opinion on his boring book. Meanwhile, Tim builds a hockey puck shooter when Randy becomes a goalie."
"Tim has Randy move into Mark's room when Randy bothers Brad on the phone."
"Jill joins Al's team for Habitat for Humanity because Tim thinks married couples shouldn't work together. Meanwhile, Brad finds a locket and gives it to Ashley but finds out it was Marie's."
"When Irma can't host her show (Cooking with Irma) for a week, she asks Al to fill-in as host and Tim to be his assistant. Tim has a hard time not being the centre of attention, but when Jill shows him that he can assistant her, he decides to continue to help Al. While Randy finds it hard to talk to a girl in his class named Beth."
"After Tim charms all the women at a baby shower, Jill wants a romantic evening with him, but Tim takes the boys to a Demolition Derby."
"Tool Time doesn't have enough money for a big fifth anniversary show, so Tim shows a clip of the first episode."
"Tim and the boys plan on getting Jill a hot tub for Mother's Day and getting rid of the swing set. But they find the swing set meant more to Jill than they thought and she wants an herb garden instead of a hot tub."
"After researching cosmetic surgery on the computer, Jill finds that Tim wants her to have cosmetic surgery. Meanwhile, Tim plays a computer game with the boys and the loser must clean the house."
"Randy, pretending to be thirty-two years old, meets a woman on a singles message board on the computer, and she comes by for a visit. Meanwhile, Tim tries to help Mark with his science project."
"After Bob Vila raises more money than Tim for Jill's library fundraiser, Tim challenges him to a race... in his unfinished hot rod."
Season 4 - Home Improvement
"Jill is laid off and decides to go back to college, causing Tim to become afraid that he will lose Jill to more intelligent men."
"Jill dents the car, so Tim decides to fix it but he accidently drops a three ton beam on it and tries to hide it from Jill. Meanwhile, Brad and Randy are kicked off of the school bus for gluing Vinnie McGurn's, a bully's, butt."
"Tim begins concerned about his health when his 40th birthday nears and Harry, the owner of Harry's Hardware, has a heart attack."
"When Tim and Jill find out Mark is having trouble at school, they think it is because they neglect him, but the real reason is that he needs glasses."
"Tim's brother Marty comes by to tell him that he's leaving his wife and kids. But Tim's advice turns Marty against him. Meanwhile, Tim creates a hole in the floor and Jill has trouble working on her psychology report."
"Harry offers to sell Tim 20 percent of his hardware store (that Harry's brother is selling). Jill doesn't let Tim buy it, so Al decides to purchase it. When Al becomes obsessed with the store, this drives everyone crazy, even Ilene when he skips a date with her, and Tim decides to confront him about it."
"After taping Jill's speech, he accidentally leaves the record button on when he critiques her speech. After Jill sees the video, Tim reads some of her psychology books and tapes a fake conversation with his buddies, complimenting Jill."
"Randy feels like the black sheep when Tim spends time with Brad and has him as a special guest on Tool Time."
"At Thanksgiving dinner with the Taylors, Wilson announces he is moving, but Tim gives him advice in the hopes Wilson will decide to stay."
"Mr. Leonard, Tim's high school shop teacher, comes to visit, but gets angry and leaves after guest starring on an episode of Tool Time."
"Marty and his wife and kids, and Jill's parents come to visit and Tim and Jill try to solve their marital problems. Tim tries to beat Doc Johnson in the Christmas lighting contest."
"After Brad takes a paper route, he has trouble getting up and doing homework but doesn't want to quit because it will disappoint Tim."
"Tim decides to sell his hot rod and buys one to rebuild. Meanwhile, Jill takes Randy shopping for clothes and he is afraid that Jill will embarass him in front of someone he knows."
"Tim has a Super Bowl party for his friends while Jill is sick with the flu."
"When Al is published as one of Detroit's \"\"Most Elligible Bachelor\"\" in a magazine, women begin flocking all over him and he starts to ignore Ilene. Mark has to write a report on the most interesting person he knows, and he writes it on Wilson intead of Tim."
"At Randy's party, Tim's overpolished dance floor causes Michelle, Randy's girlfriend, to sprain her ankle."
"Benny, Tim's friend, moves into his aunt's house while she's away. But a gas leak causes the house to blow up and Benny must stay with the Taylors."
"When Marty and Nancy are staying with the Taylors, Tim walks in on Nancy in the shower, thinking she is Jill. Meanwhile, Randy goes to a barmitzmah and must come home after he splits his trousers."
"Tim insults Jill on Tool Time, ruins dinner, and drops her ring down the furnace."
"Tim and Al scalp tickets to a hockey game when Tim can't go, but they get arrested and Jill and Ilene come to bail them out. Meanwhile, Mark paper maches Wilson's face when he watches the boys while Tim and Jill are gone."
"Despite Jill's advice, Tim stays up all night watching Tool Time tapes because of his upset stomach from eating too much Polish food."
"Despite Jill's advice, Tim stays up all night watching Tool Time tapes because of his upset stomach from eating too much Polish food."
"Carrie, Jill's sister, comes to observe Jill's life to see if she would like to get married. Marty, Tim's brother, moves to Detroit."
"Al tells Tim and Jill that one of their boys may have stolen a pocket knife. They don't believe their boys would steal, but they find the knife in Mark's pocket in the laundry."
"Jill hooks Wilson up for his first date in twenty years and Tim gives him advice."
Season 5 - Home Improvement
"At Jill's cousin's wedding, Tim tries to squeeze in sports for him in the boys. After Jill gets tired of writing her speech for the wedding, she decides to go water skiing with the boys and gets injured."
"Bud Harper, Tim's new boss, wants to replace Al because younger viewers don't like him. Meanwhile, Brad gets detention on the first day of school and additional detention for misbehaving during detention."
"After Tim becomes threatened by one of Jill's classmates, he joins her book club."
"Tim invites everyone over to the house for Jill's surprise birthday party, but Jill is off looking for her childhood piano."
"Jill gets an A on her psychology paper and starts dispensing psychiatric advice. Unfortunately, this leads to marital problems for Randy's girlfriend's parents."
"Brad throws a Halloween party for his new friends at school while Tim, Jill, Al, and Ilene attend a cable awards show. The Tool Time cast hopes to win an award, but it appears that Cooking with Irma will sweep the event as it has every other year."
"Tim gets \"the look\" from Jill after spending $4,000 on season tickets for the Detroit Pistons."
"Tim turns the basement into Randy's new room so that Randy doesn't have to share a room with Mark."
"Jill plans on having a romantic evening with Tim when they go to Chicago, but Tim's business meeting takes all day."
"Jill, Wilson, and Al are angry when Tim gets an honorary Ph.D."
"When Tim's mother returns, she begins dating Mr. Leonard, Tim's old shop teacher, and doesn't want to spend time with Tim."
"On Christmas Eve, Tim and Al get stuck at the airport on the way to Binford's winter festival. Ilene makes Al choose between her and his mother. Tim and the boys beat Doc Johnson in the Christmas lighting contest."
"When Tim hires Marty to rebuild the Tool Time set, it puts their friendship on the line."
"Brad feels jealous when Randy starts taking advanced classes at his school. Tim designs the man's bedroom."
"Tim and Jill play each other in a tank driving competition, and Jill wins. However, Tim doesn't congratulate her because he thinks she humiliated him."
"Jill wants Tim to get a vasectomy when they agree their family is complete. Meanwhile, Randy is voted \"best butt\" by the girls at school."
"Mark wants to take flying lessons, but Jill doesn't let him. Jill takes piano lessons. Meanwhile, Tim and Al ruin Bud's car."
"Dolores, Harry's wife, comes to Harry's Hardware and Tim's marital advice causes them to split up."
"When a TV report is done on Tool Time, Jill gets angry when the reporter makes advances on Tim."
"When Tim and Jill go bowling with Bud and his wife, Tim tells Jill to lose because he's afraid his career will be ruined if they beat Bud and his wife. Meanwhile, Angela, Brad's girlfriend, sets her sister up with Randy."
"Tim and Brad get into a fight over Brad's new haircut and the hot rod engine. Meanwhile, Randy doesn't want Jill to help him rehearse for an audition to play Romeo in a school play of Romeo & Juliet."
"After a routine medical checkup, the family discovers that Randy may have cancer."
"Wilson becomes the director of Randy's school play but takes the role a little too seriously. Tim and Wilson clash when Wilson attempts to make him rebuild the play's aluminum set."
"Tim and Jill see Art, Tim's old shop teacher who's dating his mother, at a restaurant with another woman."
"When Wilson is buglarized, Jill orders Tim to put in a high security system. But instead of them having peace and quite in their house, things get worse when the alarms begin going off by themselves."
"Al creates a Tool Time board game, hoping to earn enough money to propose to Ilene. But the game has problems and sometimes catches fire."
Season 6 - Home Improvement
"Jill finds Brad making out with his girlfriend in his room. When Jill asks Tim to have a man-to-man talk with Brad, Tim is a little reluctant to do it. Not because he doesn't feel Brad needs it, but because it's something he's never done before with a kid. Tool Time goes to sea in another on-location shoot, with Tim, Al and Heidi boarding the USS Constellation aircraft carrier as part of their salute to engines."
"Tim and Jill both reminisce about their senior years."
"When Bud gets divorced, Tim and Jill go to a couples therapy workshop."
"Tim tells Randy to go for Lauren, who likes cars, but he finds out she is dating Jason, Brad's friend."
"When Al is the producer of a video, he selects Tim to direct, until Tim gets too bossy. Jill gets a computer."
"Jill buys a foreign sports car with money from an inheritance and forbids Tim to drive it."
"It's a battle of halloween pranks. First Tim scares Al, then Brad and Randy scare Jill, then a strange man shows up at the dooor asking to see the basement. Jill, Tim and Wilson tell the boys that years ago a man named Clifford Warren was accused of killing his brother, but because of his mental problems he was put in an insane hospital. Little do the boys know that it's a halloween prank. They invite Al to help them pull a prank on their own, but Al and Wilson pull a prank on the Taylors."
"Jill's wild sisters visit to plan their parents' 50th anniversary."
"Heidi goes into labor at the Classic Car Man of the Year awards and Tim and Jill help deliver the baby, while receiving instructions from Wilson on the phone."
"Benny isn't allowed on the guest list fo the Thanksgiving dinner party at the Taylor house and Tim gets into the spirit of giving."
"Brad gets a part-time job at a sporting goods store and work soon becomes his top priority."
"Tim's brothers help move their mother out of the family home, but Tim takes an immediate dislike to the new owners' plans for the place."
"Jill wonders if flirting with a possible boss will get her employed."
"Everything goes well when Mark uses karate to save Randy from a bully, until the school newspaper gets hold of it. Wilson's cousins, the Beach Boys, come to visit."
"Swedish buyers consider buying Tool Time for Europe."
"Tim forgets where he hid Jill's Valentine's Day present. A singer talks about her relationship with Tim's father."
"Wilson decides to act more like others after a newspaper critic gives his performance a bad review."
"Before Al and Ilene's wedding, Al tells the guys a secret."
"When the boys are using the phone too much, Tim has Dennis, Harry's son, install a second line."
"Jill's worst fears come true when she predicts something bad will happen on the night brad is first driving. He gets into a small accident but little do they know the accident is alot more serious than he admits."
"Tim ignores his separated soldier to break a Bob Vila record on Tool Time with a steamroller."
"Jill wants to spend quality time with the family, but the guys take her to the hardware expo."
"Jill makes Tim act like an equal partner once she finds that Brad's girlfriend does whatever he tell her to. Tool Time does a 3D show."
"To keep her father away because of the pressure she's under, Jill fakes an illness only to find out that he died shortly after she lied to him."
"Lisa, the old Tool Time girl, returns and Tim gives her her old job back without consulting Heidi, the current Tool Time girl."
Season 7 - Home Improvement
"The Taylors vacation at a Lake Michigan resort... while Tim tries to give MORE POWER to the BBQ concept, Randy meets with Lauren and Brad breaks up with Angela. Mark's changing, but is it for the better? Tim is seriously considering quitting Tool Time and moving permanently to this country resort."
"Tim and Randy disagree on Binford's environmental policies. Jill gets an internship counseling families."
"Jill wants Tim to build her an office in the attic, and then changes her mind at the last minute; Tim makes a big deal about it."
"Tim pushes Brad after he gets a soccer scholarship. Randy and Lauren, his girlfriend, want to go on another date, but not a double date with two of their friends. The guys from k&B construction guest on tool time."
"Mark decides to do a horror video for his class using different scenes from old horror shows and movies, but Jill and Tim don't like the idea when they sneak a preview at Mark's video."
"Willow, Wilson's niece, comes to stay, which makes it so that Wilson has no time to spend with Tim."
"Ian, a man Jill met at the YMCA gym, asks her out, mistaking Tim for her brother. That night Jill has a dream about him. But after talking to Patty, a friend, and Tim she straightens it out."
"Randy questions his religion. Tim breaks a valuable piece of church equipment."
"The Taylors go to a football game in a box seat for Thanksgiving. But Tim manages to black out all the lights."
"Tim takes Al to a club to meet women after they find out Ilene is engaged."
"Tim does te ultimate Christmas decorating display job. Jill is worried when she finds out her mother is dating."
"Tim realizes his friends are boring, so he starts hanging out with students half his age."
"Brad's getting MARRIED... well, maybe not after Tim and Jill get through with him. The Taylor parents try to make Brad realize that he's not ready for the commitment of marriage to a college girl he just recently met at a party."
"Al rents a house from Tim and Tim takes advantage of him as his landlord. Meanwhile, Randy and Brad buy the same shirt."
"Tim begins to want to have more children after Marty asks him to babysit one of the twins. After some discussions about his vasectomy with Jill, and some words of wisdom from Wilson, he decides that being able to return the twins after playing with them is the best idea. Mark is still wearing black, but with an added touch (of lipstick) for this episode."
"On Tool Time, Tim and Al show viewers how to prepare for a severe winter storm. When Tim falls through the gazebo he discovers a small bag of marijuana taped to the underside of the swing. Jill and Tim stake out their backyard from Wilson's to catch the culprit... to everyone's surprise, Brad is caught red-handed with the goods."
"The Taylors do a kitchen remodel, but a surprise is in store when Tim and Jill find out who the installer is."
"Tim becomes suspicious that Heidi and Al are having a hot affair when he finds out she has separated from her husband; he sets out to find out exactly how much of an affair they are having. On Tool Time, Tim adds a little MORE POWER to his golf swing when golf-pro Payne Stewart guests."
"While staying over at the Taylors, Willow doesn't return home from a club one night... Jill fears the worst and sends the whole family out searching for her. It's Saint Patrick's day on Tool Time, and who better to celebrate with than the boys from K&B Construction."
"On Tool Time, Tim manages to throw himself out a window while doing renovation work. Jill tries to get Tim to help prepare for a tax audit. Brad and Randy become rivals when Brad's article \"\"Hey Yo!\"\" takes the spotlight away from Randy's \"\"Genetic Mutations in the Second Half of the 20th Century.\"\""
"It's Jill's turn to worry about needing glasses as she reaches middle age. Tim worries that his mother is going to lose money on another of his brother Jeff's business schemes."
"On Tool Time, \"\"Men's Convenience Week\"\" features a visit by Grant Hill of the Detroit Pistons. Wilson becomes upset with Tim after Tim tells everyone about Wilson's encounter with an alien, something Wilson would rather Tim had kept to himself."
"Randy's driving, get off the sidewalk! ... Randy doesn't feel that he's being treated fairly when his driving privileges differ from those Brad had when he first got his license. On Tool Time, \"\"Judy's Rat\"\" pulls cable through hard to reach spaces."
"Tool Time is revisited by Astronauts Ken Bowersox and Steve Hawley, who announce that a Binford tool will be used on their next shuttle mission. Will Tim or Al win the competition to be the one to use the tool in space? Back on Earth, Mark tries to impress a girl by making a dramatic change to his appearance."
"Jill makes some embarassing remarks about Tim on a talk show, while he watches it from Harry's Hardware, with all his friends."
Season 8 - Home Improvement
"Jill takes Tim, Wilson, Al, and Heidi on a suprise river rafting trip for Tim's birthday, but he wanted to relax that day. Meanwhile, Brad and Mark try to get a grape soda stain out of the couch."
"When Randy is unexpectedly accepted into a year long environmental study program in Costa Rica, Tim and Jill find it difficult in letting go. Meanwhile, on Tool Time, auditions are held for a song lyric contest for the Tool Time theme."
"Tim and Jill's plans to spend some time together are interupted when Tim's brother and Jill's sister anounce that they are an item."
"While Brad studies for his SAT's, a friend of Wilson's offers him the chance to play professional international soccer in Europe."
"Jill is concerned when Al's new rich girlfriend keeps buying him extravagant gifts in order to keep him in the relationship."
"At a Halloween party Tim encourages Wilson to break up with his girlfriend. who claims to be a witch. But, after he dumps her he mysteriously disappears. Tim blames the witch but when the police arrive Tim is accused of Wilson's disappearance."
"When Tim overhears Jill saying that one of her patients is having an affair with Heidi's husband, Tim has trouble keeping it from Heidi."
"When Tim's first car is destoyed before his eyes in a junkyard, Jill decides to find him a replica of it. Meanwhile, Mark helps Brad make a video for his college aplications."
"Tim becomes unhappy when Al stars in a TV movie with Morgan Fairchild. Meanwhile, Mark tries to get the affection of the most beautiful girl in his class by listening to her talk about her problems."
"Tim invites his brother Marty and his twins to live with him when he discovers that Marty and his wife Nancy are separated."
"Randy returns from Costa Rica for Christmas only to discover the changes that have taken place in his absence and that life has gone on without him."
"Tim and Jill try to teach Marty the best way to parent when one of the twins keeps throwing tantrums to get her own way."
"Tim and Jill buy Brad a car. However, when it is stolen, Tim and Al go undercover to catch the thieves."
"Tim gets preoccupied when he is left alone to write his book."
"Brad blames Tim for possibly ruining his soccer career when he injures his knee on a piece of hardware during a Tool Time shoot at the house. The magicians Penn & Teller appear on Tool Time."
"Tim commissions Mark to make a video to celebrate the completion of his hot rod. When Tim is disappointed with the result, Mark films a new version - with a dance number set to \"\"Greased Lightning.\"\""
"Jill is angry when Tim spends too much time with his new female mechanic near their anniversary."
"Plans for a ski trip are put on hold when Jill needs an emergency hysterectomy. Tim helps her face the situation, but becomes frightened when complications arise during surgery."
"Tim waits for news on Jill's surgery. Jill will be fine, although she had to have her ovaries completely removed, not partially as was first thought. Jill's mother comes to visit to help with her daughter's care and with her mood swings."
"Tim and Wilson's friendship is tested when Wilson wins $10,000 and decides to build an elaborate science lab in his backyard - which blocks the Taylor family's view."
"Harry announces that he is retiring and selling the hardware store. Tim organizes a fundraising party for the store, but ends up buying it himself. But when the customers dry up, Tim begins to wonder what he is doing wrong."
"Jill's thesis is before the committee. During Mark's student film viewing, Jill's psychology professor sees Jill criticize him and Jill is worried that this will affect the thesis committee's decision."
"Troubles brew on Tool Time when Bud mandates that no non-Binford products are to be used on the show. Brad has to decide whether or not to play soccer earlier than he is scheduled to when he has an opportunity to play in front of a UCLA scout."
"Tool Time continues to be a \"\"jewel\"\" despite the continued excess presence of the Binford name. Things rapidly turn sad when Al decides to take his mother out to dinner to tell her he's going to get married... and she has a heart attack and dies."
"Tool Time's new producer, Morgan, stages a Jerry Springer style fight on the show. When he refuses to stop degrading the show, Tim quits. Jill's psychology professor offers her a great job - in Indiana."
"As Tim and the Boys drive to school, they reminise about some of the memories they have over the past eight years."
"Tim records his finale Tool Time, with a host of guests - and a pregnant Heidi. Morgan offers Tim more money and an executive producer credit to stay with the show, but Tim rejects his offer. Jill makes a decision about the Indiana job offer. Wilson and Tim take down their fence to make more room for Al and Trudy's wedding. Harry and Delores return for the happy occasion, while Benny, Marty and Jeff bet on the outcome. The Taylor's decide to go to Indiana, taking their house with them in the ultimate home project - or is it just a figment of Tim's imagination?"
"A retrospective look at eight years of the hit comedy, including interviews with the cast, unseen bloopers and Wilsons entire face being revealed."