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Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio

A gripping eight-part documentary series follows Academy Award nominated filmmaker, Joe Berlinger, as he investigates a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances in the small rust-belt town of Chillicothe, Ohio.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio
"Something is rotten in Chillicothe, Ohio. In just 13 months six women have gone missing, four have turned up dead. Filmmaker Joe Berlinger and Intelligence Analyst Angela Clemente team up to figure out what happened to them."
"The town becomes fearful of a serial killer as three more women disappear. Joe and Angela seek the help of a criminal profiler, Steve Bongardt. Although they catch and convict a possible murderer, suspicions arise whether he is the real serial killer."
"The opioid epidemic is raging as the town sends out a SWAT team to bust the dealers. A jailhouse informant reveals new persons of interest and a phone with a shocking message mysteriously disappears at the police station."
"Tracking Dollar Bill's ruthless drug empire leads investigators to Columbus, where they find two more missing women and evidence of a brutal sex trafficking trade."
"Investigators track Dollar Bill to Portsmouth, ground zero for a deadly heroin epidemic. Another missing woman leaves behind a shocking trail of clues exposing police informants in a deadly game of cat and mouse."
"As Dollar Bill seems to be informing on fellow dealers in a federal drug case, his associates start coming forward with critical information. The FBI searches Dollar's former trap house for a victim's burned remains."
"Suspicious of local law enforcement's motives, investigators meet with law enforcement to facilitate a search warrant for a possible murder victim's burned remains. A new suspect with a history of violence against women emerges."
"As the series concludes, investigators reveal what they have uncovered to the victim's families. The next generation is inspirational in battling the heroin epidemic. But will Dollar Bill be held accountable for his crimes?"
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